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Poetry & writing

In the past, writing nonsense poems and short stories was one of my hobbies. Now, for the benefit of humanity and the further development of English literature, I have made a small collection of my writing available.

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New paper: Frequency and temporal effects in linear optical quantum computing

My joint paper with Tim Ralph, entitled “Frequency and temporal effects in linear optical quantum computing” has just appeared in Physical Review A (e-print quant-ph/0411114). In my previous post on linear optics quantum computing (LOQC) I discussed the notion of interfering photons, which is a fundamental requirement for LOQC. It turns out that for photons […]

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The case for voluntary unionism

Today the government put the controversial “Higher Education Support Amendment (Abolition of Compulsory Up-front Student Union Fees) Bill 2005” before Federal Parliament, which would ban compulsory student unionism (CSU) throughout Australia. Over recent months this proposal has been subject to countless protests by activist student groups and much bad-press. Consequently, as a staunch supporter of […]

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New QiSci web-site

I have just re-developed the University of Queensland Quantum Information Science Initiative web-site using WordPress. The site is a combination of static and dynamic blog style content. Check it out at

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New paper: Non-deterministic approximation of photon number discriminating detectors using non-discriminating detectors

Quantum computing is one of those mysterious fields that most people don’t have any familiarity with at all. This problem is excaccerbated by the fact that the literature in this field is typically very technical and out of reach to non-specialists. In fact, even I, as a student in the field, find it extremely difficult […]

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