Archive: April, 2005

Brisbane marathon

On Sunday I entered my first marathon, the annual Brisbane “Lest We Forget” Marathon, organised by the Returned and Service League (RSL) as a charity fundraiser. The course (below) went up and down the Brisbane River on both sides, and looped through the Botanical Gardens, making for quite a scenic route. Entering a marathon was […]

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Googling it up

Many people these days use the well known Google search engine on a daily basis for finding things on the world-wide-web. In recent months, however, Google has extended their search functionality to include much more than just old-fashioned web-searches. In particular, Google has just launched Google Maps, which gives the user an interactive map of […]

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The case for a national sales tax

In recent months there has been much talk in the United States of the possibility of introducing a National Sales Tax (NST) to replace the existing income based tax system (stories on Fox News, CNN Money). The proposal has been steadily gathering support in Congress and has the backing of Federal Reserve Chairman, Alan Greenspan […]

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