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New paper: Optimal photons for quantum information processing

Photons – particles of light – are not like the particles we encounter in everyday life, like say, a marble, which is localized in space. Instead, photons are distributed across space. The way in which a photon is distributed, which we can loosely think of as its shape, is characterized by its so-called wave-packet or […]

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New paper: Quantum gate characterization in an extended Hilbert space

This paper is joint work with Tim Ralph, who assisted with the theoretical component, and Jemery O’Brien and Geoff Pryde, who performed the experimental work. In fact, this paper isn’t so new. It’s been sitting on the arXiv for quite a while now (pre-print available at quant-ph/0411144), but I haven’t had the chance to write […]

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Travel debacles

Today I have two bitter rants: After spending approximately 24 hours travelling from Brisbane to Baltimore, via Auckland, Los Angeles and Chicago, and feeling somewhat tired from lack of sleep, I was naturally most delighted to find that American Airlines had lost my luggage. When I fly, there are exactly two things I expect: The […]

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Heading overseas: US, UK & Europe

On Saturday I’m heading off to Baltimore, Maryland, for CLEO/QELS, an international optics conference, where I’ll be giving a presentation entitled “Quantum gate characterization in an extended Hilbert space”, based on the paper with the same name (pre-print quant-ph/0411144). This is joint work with Tim Ralph, Geoff Pryde and Jeremy O’Brien. Following the conference I’ll […]

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The buzzing world

I discovered an interesting new site today called Buzztracker. The site refers to the Google world news directory and constructs a world map superimposed with differently sized red dots representing the number of stories associated with geographical locations. Differently shaded lines between dots represent the stength of relationships between stories associated with those locations. This […]

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