Archive: September, 2005

David Deutsch on the future of quantum computing

In a recent post to his blog, David Deutsch, one of the founders of the field of quantum computing, claims that he now believes quantum computers are only years away. He says that while he previously believed quantum computing to be decades away, recent theoretical developments have changed his view. In particular, he cites the […]

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Archaeology with Google Maps

It was recently reported that someone inadvertently discovered the remains of an ancient Roman villa using satellite imagery from Google Maps. The image which led to the finding is located here. The discoloured oval shape is very clearly visible. It doesn’t look much like a villa to me, and frankly I can’t see for the […]

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New book: Marine Parasitology

A new book, Marine Parasitology, edited by Klaus Rohde (my father), has just been published by CSIRO Press here in Australia. The book is a compilation of contributions from 75 scientists around the world, including a section authored by Klaus Rohde and myself, entitled “The ecological niches of parasites”. In this section we discuss host […]

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The case for the full sale of Telstra

After many months of doubt, negotiation and bitter feuding, the Australian Senate has finally given the go-ahead for the full sale of Telstra, Australia’s largest telecommunications corporation. While the fate of the sale has now been sealed, I thought I’d throw in my two cents worth and present my arguments as to why privatisation is […]

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The future of mobile telephony

Recently there have been huge rumblings in the area of digital voice communications with the emergence of voice-over-internet (VoIP) technologies. VoIP uses internet infrastructure to facilitate extremely cheap local and international telephony. Most notable has been the huge success of the freely available European VoIP software, Skype. In addition to tens of millions of users […]

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The new police state?

In the last few days there have been some very troubling developments, both here in Australia and in the U.S., regarding the infringement of personal liberty and the degradation of democratic principles. In the U.S., since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan, there has been much controversy surrounding the detention of terrorist suspects at […]

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New Orleans by satellite

Google Maps has just updated their satellite imagery of New Orleans to include pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina images. While, like everyone else, I have seen countless images of the devastation in the news, and read about how many people have been affected, I hadn’t really comprehended the magnitude of the devastation until I saw these […]

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