Introducing Quack!

Today I am proud to announce the availability of version 0.1 of Quack!, a MATLAB package for simulating simple quantum circuits. While there a plenty of programs out there for doing exactly the same thing, I decided to write my own for a bit of fun. The entire package operates from within the MATLAB environment, which has the advantage that MATLAB’s in-built flow-control and plotting commands are available.

Features include:

  • Single qubit and Bell state preparation
  • Single qubit unitary gates, with built in Pauli, rotation, Hadamard, phase and pi/8 gates
  • Controlled-NOT, controlled-sign, swap gates and Toffoli gates
  • Arbitrary depolarizing, bit-flip and phase-flip channels
  • Single qubit and Bell measurements
  • Classically controlled operations
  • The ability to view the reduced density matrices of single qubits in a system

Quack! comes with several example programs which demonstrate useage and functionality.

You can download Quack! here

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