Archive: November, 2005

New paper: Practical limitations in optical entanglement purification

In this paper (joint work will Tim Ralph and Bill Munro) we examine a recent proposal for entanglement purification which may play an important role in upcoming quantum information processing applications. Like most proposals of this nature, the original analysis was performed in a highly idealized manner. Here we follow up on this proposal and […]

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Holographic storage in 2006?

For many years now there has been speculation about the possibility of holographic computer storage, which would potentially offer storage capacities incredible by today’s standards. Now it seems that finally such storage might be just around the corner. According to The Register, Maxell, using technologies from InPhase Technologies, is planning on making a holographic storage […]

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The Nobel and the Ig Nobel

Last week at our weekly Physics Colloquium seminar here at the University of Queensland, we were fortunate enough to have a presentation by the winner of this year’s Ig Nobel Prize in Physics, our very own Prof. John Mainstone. For those not familiar with the Ig Nobel prize, as you might have guessed it is […]

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Rohde Blog hits the press!

Following a telephone interview with independent Canadian journalist David Stonehouse, the Rohde Blog today made the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in an article entitled “Spy versus Spy”.

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New paper: Modeling photo-detectors in quantum optics

Photo-detectors are devices which detect individual photons, or particles of light. They play a central role in any sort of quantum optics experiment, where ultimately we rely on photo-detection to perform measurements. They also play a fundamental role in linear optics quantum computing, my area of research. Theoreticians typically treat photo-detectors in a highly idealized […]

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Intelligent design and its not-so-intelligent proponents

In another setback for science in the United States, the Kansas School Board has effectively allowed for the teaching of creationism in classrooms. This has followed much debate in the U.S. over the teaching of the so-called ‘theory of intelligent design’ which has been advocated by many Republicans, including the President. Of course, the Kansas […]

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Introducing XList

A while ago a wrote a program for the QiSci (University of Queensland Quantum Information Science Initiative) web-site for automatically maintaining a group publication list. Today I make this program freely available in case any other research groups or individuals should like to use it. The program is simply a Python script which interfaces with […]

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Brewster Jennings Protects America

When I was a kid, like many from my generation, I used to love playing Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?. In this game you had to travel the world, following clues, to catch the infamous criminal leader Carmen Sandiago. It was with much joy that I discovered a few days ago that someone […]

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