Archive: February, 2006

From one totalitarianism to the next

Today the infamous British historian David Irving was sentenced to three years prison in Austria for the crime of holocaust denial. While I don’t in any way lend support to Irving’s views I’m shocked that in a democratic Western nation it still possible to be jailed for thought crime. On one hand the lawmakers of […]

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Introducing BrisScience!

A friend of mine, Jennifer Dodd, from the Physics Department, has just launched BrisScience, a free public lecture series on science, society and technology. The talks, based in Brisbane, feature prominent scientists from diverse fields. If you’re in Brisbane, I strongly encourage you to come along and check these talks out. They are aimed at […]

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New paper: Error models for mode-mismatch in linear optics quantum computing

I’ve just submitted my latest paper with Tim Ralph to Physical Review A, entitled Error models for mode-mismatch in linear optics quantum computing. Previously I’ve done a lot of work into the effects of mode-mismatch in linear optics quantum computing (LOQC) (see previous physics posts for explanations of both these terms). This paper focusses on […]

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Travelling in New Zealand

I just returned from three weeks in New Zealand. The first week was spent at the ACOLS’05 conference in Rotorua. Rotorua is in a highly geothermally active area. In the middle of the city is a geothermal park featuring boiling mud, springs and steam vents. Mt. Ruapehu Following the conference I headed of to Whakapappa […]

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