Archive: May, 2006

New paper: Upper bounds on the tradeoff between loss and error rates in non-degenerate quantum error correcting codes

This is a technical post I’ve just posted my latest paper to the arXiv . In my previous paper we discussed the fact that several recent qubit loss and gate failure tolerant quantum error correction schemes come at the expense of a blow-out in depolarizing noise rates. In this paper I’ve generalized this notion and […]

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DJ Rohde debuts

For a while now I’ve been a very amateur electronic artist – a composer of electronic music that is. I’ve decided to make all my work freely available for download. Some of my works are remixes of existing music, with a strong classical influence. Others are completely original. Enjoy!

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Mt. Warning sunrise – first light on Australia

Sunrise from Mt. Warning (1157m), the first point to be hit by sunlight on mainland Australia every morning. We started the climb at 3am by torchlight to arrive at 5am for the first twilight. Mt. Warning is extremely popular on New Year’s Eve, for people who want to see the first light of the new […]

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