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Two new DJ Rohde tracks

Before I head off in a week’s time, I’ve made two more DJ Rohde tracks available. The first, Variation 5, is a rework of Bach’s Variation #5 from the Goldberg Variations, with overdriven electric guitars and abstract drumming, for a bit of a change of style from what old Bach intended (I take no credit […]

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Steven Spielberg

In preparation for my upcoming climbing holiday in the Swiss and French Alps, I now have a camcorder. That’s right, this means that I can now look forward to terrorising the entire blogosphere with amateur recordings, and random rantings and ravings. Internet watch out.

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Separation of Church and State

From the Washinton Post, here are some particularly intelligent comments made by Rep. Katherine Harris, from everybody’s Favourite Old Party. God did not intend for the United States to be a nation of secular laws, and the separation of church and state is a lie we have been told to keep religious people out of […]

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Cartoon time

Two great cartoons by Dan Wasserman of The Boston Globe, available from Daryl Cagle’s cartoon index (click for full size).

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What’s your fantasy?

I just read this interesting article from the SMH, where they performed a survey of people’s sexual fantasies. Here are the results: What do women fantasise about? Firefighters – 47% Celebrities – 40% Threesomes – 31% Soldiers – 28% Businessmen – 27% Doctors – 26% Same sex relationships – 23.5% Footballers – 20% Politicians – […]

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I just spent the weekend visiting a friend in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with amazing history and culture, beautiful old buildings, lovely canals, and great markets. But, instead of going into those irrelevant details, I’m going to give you what you all want and completely stereotype it with this picture.

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Airport security continued…

This picture was taken at Bristol Airport, after departure passport control, and just before the entrance to the x-rays. It’s not very clear from this low-res mobile phone picture, but the perspex box there is for last minute disposal of prohibited items (notice the big pile of discarded drink bottles next to it). What you […]

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Airport security, laptops, and experiments in productivity

After leaving my laptop in Germany for my current trip to the UK given all the new security measures, I found that, upon boarding the plane, all the usual hand luggage, including laptops and phones are allowed. Bastards. I even phoned up KLM before I left to confirm what I could take with me, who […]

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Everybody’s favourite DJ is back

That’s right – two new songs are available for download by the infamous DJ Rohde. See the DJ Rohde page.

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Off to Bristol & Amsterdam

Off to Bristol tomorrow morning until Friday, then spending the weekend in Amsterdam as a stopover on the way back. Unfortunately, due to ill-conceived security regulations, I’ll be laptopless. I’m curious to see if this improves productivity or reduces it. On one hand, productivity should decrease without access to journals or the arXiv. On the […]

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