What’s your phobia?

I just read this article from the BBC about a woman with a phobia of peas. The article goes on to discuss the origins and causes of phobias, which isn’t particularly interesting. But what I found absolutely beautiful was the online feedback from readers, sharing their own phobias. Some of these were too good to pass by, so I’ve included them below.

“I have a terrible fear of birds, feathers, and anything with wings. Walking around town squares in Europe is frightening and hellish for me – the thousands of pigeons seem like brainless assassins after my life. I detest moths too, especially the huge ones found in Asia. During a trip to the zoo I volunteered to pick up seven or eight huge reticulated pythons and sling them around my neck. However I refused to enter the butterfly aviary afterward. It was too scary.”

“My big brother has a phobia of gravy. There seems to be no logic to his phobia, such as a traumatic childhood experience, but the mere mention of gravy sends him into a frenzy!”

“I have a phobia of mould. I know how irrational it is – until I see some mould, then I run from the room shaking. Interestingly, I like mushrooms, as long as I can see them in a punnet, not when growing. I also get shaky at blue cheese.”

“I’d like to comment, but I’m scared of computers.”

“I have a phobia of flamingos. If one comes on the television I normally retch. Luckily there aren’t many that I come in contact with day to day. I think it might have started with the ones in Alice in wonderland when I was a child.”

“I have severe Globophobia – a fear of balloons. It makes shopping difficult when stores are giving away balloons to children, and it is practically impossible for me to go to a party without first checking if balloons will be part of the decoration.”

“I am embarrassed to admit that I have a phobia of buttons. Even as a small child I hated being dressed in any items with buttons on them. I am getting better as I get older and can wear certain items of clothing but still seeing small white plastic buttons makes my stomach turn (even writing this made me feel a bit odd!)”

“I’ve feared carrots since a very young age. I put it down to them being orange with what appears to be green hair and those teeth like fangs.”

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