Archive: September, 2006

A new theme

So why has my blog theme up until now been based on a Mars motif you ask? Have I been there or something? Well of course not. That’s why I’m currently experimenting with this new ‘Mont Blanc Sunrise theme’.

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“Nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and toss-bags”

From the Sydney Morning Herald, former Australian opposition leader Mark Latham comes out with some more classic quotations, this time ones that I couldn’t agree with more. MARK LATHAM reckons the good old-fashioned Australian “bloke” is in crisis, and has been replaced by “nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and toss-bags”. The culprits, according to Latham, are […]

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Back in town

Just arrived back in Brisbane. Haven’t slept for almost 2 days straight. It’s only 9am and I need to stay awake until this evening to avoid jetlag. I’m in no mental state to write anything more.

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An Alpine Diary

I’ve just spent the last few weeks mountaineering in Germany, Switzerland and France. This is a photo-diary of my trip. Alpspitze (2628m) Because my climbing partner, Wolfgang, couldn’t make it for a few days time, I initially spent a few days on my own in the German Alpine village of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here I climbed the […]

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A tribute to Steve Irwin

I’ve just finished my mountaineering holiday in the Alps. But, before I talk about that, there is something much more important, and tragic, that needs to be discussed. To my horror, I discovered that, upon checking my e-mail in Chamonix, Steve Irwin, the greatest Australian who ever lived, is dead. If it weren’t for the […]

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Off to the Alps

Now that I’ve satisfactorily humiliated myself with a job advert that has probably left the entire academic community questioning my sanity and believing that, in fact, I smoke banana peels for entertainment, I’m heading off to the Swiss Alps to relax for three weeks. By relax I mean attempt to climb as many 4000m peaks […]

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Need a postdoc?

With my PhD submission deadline looming in March, I have now officially entered “looking for a postdoc” mode. If you’re an academic working in the areas of quantum computing, quantum information or quantum optics, and just happen to be in need of a fresh young PhD graduate, send your applications to (regrettably the application […]

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Two new papers on the arXiv

This post is slightly technical. I submitted a couple of new papers to the arXiv today (probably inaccessible until Monday), joint work with Christine Silberhorn and Wolfgang Mauerer that we have done together during my visit to the Max-Planck Institute here in Erlangen. The first paper, “Spectral structure and decompositions of optical states, and their […]

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