A tribute to Steve Irwin

I’ve just finished my mountaineering holiday in the Alps. But, before I talk about that, there is something much more important, and tragic, that needs to be discussed. To my horror, I discovered that, upon checking my e-mail in Chamonix, Steve Irwin, the greatest Australian who ever lived, is dead. If it weren’t for the fact that tomorrow I need to re-enter Australia, I’d tear up my passport right now, because, as of now, being Australian no longer has any meaning. Several years ago there was some controversy surrounding Steve, as to whether he should be named Australian of the year or not. Steve Irwin is not only Australian of the year, but the Australian of every year. Steve Irwin defines what it means to be Australian. Without Steve Irwin, the term ‘Australian’ is without definition. This is a tragic day for all mankind. There will never be another such person as great as Steve Irwin.

Steve Irwin, 1962 – 2006

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