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The non-QIP party

Before I say anything else, let me emphasize that this party has NOTHING to do with the QIP conference. It’s purely coincidental that QIP is being held smack-bang on the same day as this wretched party we’re planning. But, since all you world class physicists are here anyway, I might as well invite you. Here […]

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Turnbull makes cabinet

As part of John Howard’s recent cabinet reshuffle that cost Amanda Vanstone her job, Malcolm Turnbull has been promoted to Minister for Environment and Water. This is fantastic news for the cabinet. Under a govenment that has turned it’s back on liberal principles and instead embraced large scale middle-class welfare and high taxation, Turnbull has […]

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New paper: Error propagation in loss- and failure-tolerant quantum computation schemes

This post is technical Today I released “Error propagation in loss- and failure-tolerant quantum computation schemes” with my co-authors Tim Ralph and Bill Munro. This a supplementary paper to our earlier paper “Error tolerance and tradeoffs in loss- and failure-tolerant quantum computing schemes”. We describe in detail how error propagation and accumulation occurs in various […]

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New paper: Strategies for the preparation of large cluster states using non-deterministic gates

This post is technical Today I released a new paper on the arXiv with my co-author Sean Barrett. In this paper we look at the problem of preparing cluster states using non-deterministic enangling gates. We introduce a numerical approach for simulating preparation procedures and use this to estimate how many gate operations are required when […]

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New songs

To celebrate the removal of Microsoft Office from my computer, I’m making available two new DJ Rohde songs that I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. The first, Maha Mantra Meditation, is a remix of Hare Kirshna chanting. The second, Kubla Khan, is completely original, with a few phrases from the epic poem […]

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I am cleansed

Today I finished cleansing myself completely of Microsoft Office, switching my e-mail to Thunderbird, my office applications to StarOffice and my schedule to Essential PIM, and boy was it a good decision. In addition to saving myself hundreds of megs of disk space and having my computer boot up in a fraction of the time […]

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Apple does it again

I just watched Steve Jobs’ keynote speech where he launches the iPhone, Apple’s upcoming phone/PDA/iPod/full-blown-OSX-PC-in-your-hand. Judging from the demo, which you can watch online here, this appears to be yet another stroke of design brilliance by Apple. The key, as usual, is simplicity and elegance. This device doesn’t contain a keypad and only a couple […]

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Blooper of the day

Today, as I do every morning, I reached under the sink in my bathroom to get my deoderant. Today, however, I received an unpleasant surprise when, a short while after pressing and holding the button, it occurred to me that I had in fact reached for the shaving cream, not the deoderant. Why do they […]

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The International Obfuscated C Code Contest

The International Obfuscated C Code Contest (IOCCC) has just opened their latest round. Entried close in Frebruary. The purpose of this competition is to write C code in the most obscure way possible. Reading through last years winning entries I found some real gems. It’s amazing how much functionality these people manage to cram into […]

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