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A new Labor?

From The Australian, Kevin Rudd has been overseeing some major policy shifts in the Australian Labor Party. Specifically, his proposals include opposing passive welfare, supporting the sale of Telstra, promoting free trade agreements, and ’embracing the casualisation of the workforce’ whatever that means. The Australian is anticipating a showdown between Rudd and Labor’s left wing […]

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Learning Ruby on Rails

I’ve just begun on my quest to learn Ruby on Rails, a fairly new language (Ruby) and web development framework (Rails) targeted at writing content driven web sites. I’ve used many different programming languages, and several different web frameworks, and boy is this powerful. Today I wrote my first Rails web site, a simple to-do […]

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New paper

I just released a new paper onto the arXiv entitled “Improving the fidelity of single photon preparation from conditional down-conversion via asymmetric multiport detection”. Quite a mouthful you say. Indeed. In this paper I look at the conditional preparation of single photons via parametric down-conversion. This is a very common technique for preparing single photons […]

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Google the best company to work for

Fortune has just rated Google the best company to work for. This doesn’t surprise me at all. At a seminar I attended last week by a Google employee, we were told how Google provides free lunches (and very good buffet style lunches, not just cafeteria crap), and has a ‘20% rule’ whereby employees are allowed […]

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More Vista nightmares

So here’s a new one. The ‘hibernate’ button on my computer just disappeared. That’s right, for no reason whatsoever, my start menu contained one fewer options this morning. It just disappeared. Recall from my previous rant on Vista that logging off crashes my computer, and sleeping doesn’t work (it wakes up again after a few […]

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It’s okay to beat your wife if you’re Moroccan

From the Spiegel, a German judge has effectively ruled that it was okay for a man to repeatedly beat his wife and threaten her with death. Why? Becasue they were both Muslims of Moroccan descent. As such, the case must be seen in the context of their religious and cultural background. The judge even quoted […]

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Google does it again

Google has just released an alternative homepage to their usual minimalist theme. It has fully customizable content and layout and several nice themes to choose from. The functionality is really awesome. I can now have all my blog feeds, news headlines, weather, and other widgets sitting in one place. You can try it out here.

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The next Chuck Norris?

You’ve heard of Chuck Norris Facts. You’ve heard of Bruce Schneier Facts. Introducing Michael Nielsen Facts. Click for larger image

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What’s your crop?

According to this article, US growers produce nearly $44 billion worth of marijuana annually, making the illegal drug the country’s largest cash crop, bigger than corn and wheat combined. Why don’t they start taxing this stuff? With a sales tax of 10%, there’s an extra $4.4 billion in state revenue. Pump that into the health […]

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Australia a nuclear threat?

Here’s a fresh one. According to a US congressman Australia has an interest in nuclear weapons and is a part of the nuclear threat against the US.

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