Windows Vista continued

An addendum to my previous post on Windows Vista – Vista is a piece of crap. My computer is completely broken thanks to this virus of a new operating system. When I close my laptop lid or manually put it to sleep, it goes to sleep and then wakes up again a few seconds later. Now I have to either hibernate or shutdown my computer every time I want it to go to sleep. When I logoff things are even worse. There I just get a friendly old blue screen. Copying files is hideously slow. Even copying a file of a few megabytes can take tens of seconds while Vista churns away figuring out whatever it is that it needs to figure out. Likewise for opening windows, which takes yonk. My games don’t work and other programs run very slowly. Boot up and shutdown are extremely slow. In case my point hasn’t been made, don’t even think about installing Windows Vista. It’s rubbish and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. As soon I have time I’m switching back to XP. That should give me back about 10 gigs of disk space as well. This new OS is bad even by Microsoft’s somewhat low standards.

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