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Need a haircut?

Make sure to put on your headphones for this.

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I’ve got wings

I can fly! I now have my beginners’ paragliding license, which means I can not only continue to harass people in the 2D plane below us, but I can now enter the third dimension and harass the skies. Pigeons beware!

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The Academic Reader V0.03

New features at The statistics and nonlinear dynamics feeds from arxiv have now been added. These parts of the arxiv aren’t as active as the physics arxiv, so don’t be surprised to see empty feeds occasionally. The physics arxiv is largely complete back to the beginning of 2007. Adding new feeds to your feed […]

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Legal Stealing

Via truthdig. Quote: This is the four-minute highlight reel from “Iraq for Sale” that documentarian Robert Greenwald wanted to screen for Congress as part of his testimony. Republicans blocked him from doing so. If you haven’t been following the outrageous war profiteering going on in Iraq—like many of our elected officials—this is a must-see clip.

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What American accent do you have?

Here’s a fun little quiz to test what American accent you have. According to my results I have a north-eastern accent, which allegedly is close to the correct dictionary pronunciation. Given that I’m not American this isn’t terribly surprising.

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Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

Via The Pontiff, a really cool 5 minute video on some of the basic principles of quantum mechanics.

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I’ve submitted my thesis! After over 3 years I’ve finally handed it in. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for it to be picked to pieces by my examiners.

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Apple WWDC 2007

Watch Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation to the Apple World Wide Developers’ Conference 2007 here (roughly 1.5 hours). Some of the highlights: The announcement of EA and id game titles for OSX. A sneak peak at OSX Leopard with many new features. The announcement of a Windows version of Safari. Application development for the iPhone. And […]

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