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Five climbers die in the Italian Alps

It’s just been reported that five climbers have died in the Italian Alps. Four died on Mont Blanc and one on Monte Rosa. Last year I climbed extensively in this region, climbing three peaks on Monte Rosa followed by Mont Blanc. Apparently all the victims in these accidents were found frozen, indicating they died because […]

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US government has right to arbitrarily confiscate property

Bush has issued an executive order that effectively bypasses the Fifth Amendment, allowing the government to arbitrarily confiscate property. Amongst other things, the text of the executive order specifies that people “undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq or to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people” may have all their […]

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Checkers solved

It has recently been reported in Science that researchers have used brute force to completely solve checkers, allowing for any game, independent of the opposition, to be won or drawn. The researchers used 50 computers over the course of 20 years to search through every possible of the 500 billion billion possible games. I suspect […]

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Chinese air polution

We’ve all heard the saying that living in Shanghai is like smoking a pack a day. Well it seems there’s some substance to this. According to this report up to 750,000 people die each from air pollution in China’s larger cities, findings which have been censored by the Chinese government. This doesn’t come as an […]

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Nicotine – the new wonder drug?

Drinkers have been touting the health benefits of alcohol for years. Soon, it appears, smokers will be able to do the same.

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(No, I did not take this picture myself)

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