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My hero

Check this guy out.

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“Just a goddamned piece of paper” — George Bush

Bush executive order: Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq [here]: If the Secretary of the Treasury thinks you are at risk of committing an act of violence [whether or not you actually have committed an act of violence] in order to protest the policies of the Iraqi government or the […]

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TED Conference

Via Michael Nielsen I came across the fantastic TED conference web-site. TED is a large international, inter-disciplinary conference with many high-profile speakers from all sorts of different subject areas. The wonderful thing about this conference is that they make all of the presentations, going back several years, freely available for streaming off the net. I’ve […]

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A Tribute to the French Military continued…

My YouTube video “A tribute to the French military” has reached the milestone of having been viewed 5000 times. It has also received over 100 comments, the vast majority of which is hate mail from French nationalists. Pussies.

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I’ve shunned the dark side

After two years on exchange on the dark side, I have repented and returned to being Steve Jobs’ stooge. I now have a brand spanking new MacBook Pro, and what a refreshing experience it is: a stable OS, elegant and well thought out user interface design, dual core processor, and a extremely high contrast ratio […]

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Is walking bad for the environment?

Apparently walking to the shops is worse for the environment, in terms of greenhouse emissions, than driving (see article here). The authors of the study attribute this to the massive amounts of energy that go into modern day food production, making human energy expenditure less efficient than for automobiles.

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Bulgaria adopts 10% flat tax

From World Politics Review, Bulgaria is intending on adopting a 10% flat tax rate. This is a huge win for libertarians like myself. From the article: Since Estonia adopted a flat tax rate in 1994, enjoying very robust GDP growth ever since, Eastern European countries have been gradually warming to this system that promises to […]

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