Archive: November, 2007

What to do, what to do

For those outside of Australia, we’ll be having our federal election on Saturday. The major contestants are John Howard, the incumbent conservative leader of the Liberal Party who has been in power since 1996, and Kevin Rudd, leader of the centrist Australian Labor Party. Once again, as a staunch libertarian I find myself faced with […]

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The Creation Museum

Here’s a slideshow of the recently opened Creation Museum in Cincinnati. Some of the texts from the signs are absolute classics. Take these for example: How did dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark? Most dinosaurs were reasonably small – the size of a sheep or pony, on average. Even large sauropods, as young adults, were not […]

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Ron Paul for President

Ordinarily I wouldn’t vote for a Texas Republican, but there’s a first time for everything…

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Here’s an absolutely fascinating documentary on savants, people with incredible intellectual gifts.

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