Archive: March, 2008

Artificial intelligence and the future of capitalism

According to some predictions by 2029 the power of computers will rival that of the human brain. Whether or not this is an accurate prediction, it seems certain that eventually this will happen. While clearly this could have amazing implications in terms of economic productivity, it brings one question to mind – how will our […]

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The iPhone SDK

A few days ago Apple announced the availability of their software development kit (SDK) for the iPhone and iPod Touch. An SDK is the set of tools necessary for developers to write their own iPhone/iPod software. To iPhone users this is very big news, as it means that in the coming months there will be […]

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Adventures in phase space – an Aggie film

A great little video by my friend Aggie, showing transformations of the Wigner function.

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Drive, don’t walk

Apparently food production is now so energy intensive that it’s more environmentally friendly to drive to the shops than to walk.

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