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PageRank in academic publishing

The standard measure scientists use to judge the importance of scientific papers is a simple citation count. That is, how many other papers cite the paper in question? While this measure has its merits, it has one fundamental flaw – not all citations are equal. For example, if a paper I wrote receives a citation […]

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Nürnberg Airport

I just returned from a one week trip to Erlangen in northern Bavaria. At the airport I encountered the most bizarre security loophole I have seen for a while. Immediately after passing through the security clearance where knives are confiscated, you a greeted with a shop selling a broad selection of Swiss Army Knives. I […]

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Lederhosen: Now built for your iPod

A German company has begun producing Lederhosen with a special iPod pocket. Isn’t it great to see that something so classic and timeless can enter the modern age.

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Google App Engine

Google has just released a preview version of App Engine, a free web-app creation and hosting solution. It includes a Python-based software development kit, a command line console, a web-based admin console and stats, and is freely hosted and maintained on Google servers. Previously writing web-based apps has typically required a lot of system admin […]

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New paper: Scalable quantum computing with atomic ensembles

A new paper on the arXiv today. In this work we describe how to make a scalable quantum computer using atomic ensembles – small gas samples, which can be manipulated using laser light. These ensembles make very attractive qubits since you don’t need to be able to address and manipulate single atoms. Instead you have […]

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