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On crashes

Whenever a stock market crash, or conversely a rally, occurs in world financial markets, the newspapers are immediately filled with analyses by ‘experts’ on why the crash occurred and what should be done in future to prevent such crashes. People point to bad business decisions on the part of companies, bad monetary policy, bad regulations, […]

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Islamic banking

I recently heard about Islamic banking, a form of banking that is consistent with Islamic Sharia law, and started learning a bit about it. Unlike conventional western banking, Sharia law explicitly forbids usury, the collection of interest on loans. Obviously Islamic banks need some kind of profit model, so when a business takes out a […]

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Jesus Camp

I recently watched a chilling documentary called ‘Jesus Camp’, about a Christian youth camp run in the States, where young children are effectively brainwashed into becoming little GOP crusaders. The extent of the indoctrination was absolutely astonishing. There were scenes of masses of children crying their hearts out while being ‘touched by the Lord’ during […]

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Home sweet home

I made it back to Australia in one piece and have just spent a relaxing week on the Gold Coast (picture below). Now I’m in Brisbane to catch up with my friends and attend my PhD graduation (although it’s been over a year since I submitted my PhD). I seem to have perfected the art […]

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