Archive: November, 2008

In defence of capitalism

Following the recent credit crisis and collapse of several major financial institutions, many commentators have jumped to the conclusion that this proves that the case for free market capitalism is invalid and that libertarian ideals are dead. This includes comments to this effect by prominent people like Nicolas Sarkozy who said “Le laisser-faire, c’est fini” […]

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Google Flu Trends

This is a fascinating demonstration of how search data can be taken advantage of to extract all sorts of information. Google Flu Trends uses search data to build up a picture of flu epidemics in the US. It makes me wonder what other sort of trends can be inferred from search data. Presumably lots of […]

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It’s been a good week

Two good things have happened in the last week. First, Obama won. But more importantly, this week I got my iPhone. I’ve just ordered a book on iPhone programming so I can delve into writing my own apps. I’m also keeping an eye out for the first Android phones (Android is Google’s new platform for […]

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