Archive: December, 2010

New paper: Multi-walker discrete time quantum walks on arbitrary graphs, their properties, and their photonic implementation

Quantum walks have emerged as an interesting alternative to the usual circuit model for quantum computing. While still universal for quantum computing, the quantum walk model has very different physical requirements, which lends itself more naturally to some physical implementations, such as linear optics. Numerous authors have considered walks with one or two walkers, on […]

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I’ve always been bemused that GDP growth is the standard metric for economic strength and standard of living. I think GDP growth is a very weak metric. My reasoning is that GDP measures the strength of the economy in dollar value. What GDP ignores is that, as a result of momentous technological progress, what we […]

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Fighting speeding using positive feedback

Most countries use negative feedback to discourage speeding. Here’s an interesting alternative based on using positive feedback to encourage slower driving. Apparently it’s been highly effective. I wonder whether such a model could be used in other areas to encourage social responsibility.

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