Archive: August, 2012

New paper: Optical quantum computing with photons of arbitrarily low fidelity and purity

Download full text here. Linear optics quantum computing (LOQC) is a leading candidate for the implementation of large scale quantum computers. Here quantum information is encoded into the quantum states of light and computation proceeds via a linear optics network. It is well known that in such schemes there are stringent requirements on the spatio-temporal […]

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Many worlds and the interpretation of quantum mechanics

This post is on quantum mechanics, but is intended to be understandable by anyone. The small amount of mathematical notation that I introduce should be fairly digestible to anyone without a physics background. A couple of nights ago I had a dinner table conversation with a fellow physicist, who raised the highly emotive, almost religious […]

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Thanks Bob

Recently, on behalf of a group of concerned Australian scientists, I sent a letter to the Australian Foreign Minister and Shadow Foreign Minister regarding the plight of a young Iranian physicist who was imprisoned in Iran for “communicating with a hostile government” (read the letter here). Today I received a personally signed letter from the […]

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