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New paper: Optimising number resolving photo-detectors using classical post-processing

Many present day quantum optics experiments, particularly in optical quantum information processing, rely on number-resolving photo-detection as a basic building block. In this paper we demonstrate that a simple classical optimisation technique can sometimes be employed to post-process the detector signature and improve the confidence of the measurement outcome in the presence of photon-number errors […]

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New DJ Rohde mini-album

DJ Rohde is pleased to announce the release of his latest mini-album, Die for Belief. Listen to and download Die for Belief here on Jamendo.

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In defence of Israel

Every country is deserved of criticism. I’ve yet to find a country whose domestic and foreign policies I agree with in their entirety. As such, it is entirely justified to level criticism when criticism is due. What I object to however is criticism that is mounted in a highly discriminatory and ad-hoc manner. I have […]

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I recently submitted my first paper to the Journal of Universal Rejection. Here’s my correspondence. Dear Editor, Please find attached our manuscript “Entanglement dynamics and quasi-periodicity in discrete quantum walks” for consideration for rejection from The Journal of Universal Rejection. In this paper we study the use of the quantum walk formalism in the preparation […]

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Marijuana law reform

An issue which I feel very strongly about, but which for some reason I’ve never blogged about before is the legalisation of marijuana. While I don’t advocate marijuana use, in my mind there is no moral justification for the criminalisation of marijuana for numerous reasons: 1. Marijuana has been systematically shown to be less physically […]

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New paper: Entanglement dynamics and quasi-periodicity in discrete quantum walks

We study the entanglement dynamics of discrete time quantum walks acting on bounded finite sized graphs. We demonstrate that, depending on system parameters, the dynamics may be monotonic, oscillatory but highly regular, or quasi-periodic. While the dynamics of the system are not chaotic since the system comprises linear evolution, the dynamics often exhibit some features […]

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Public transport?

I never figured out why so many of my economically conservative friends are opposed to investing in public transport. After all, we subsidise private transport in the form of roads, bridges, highways and public parking. Public transport takes load off this infrastructure, which means we need to invest less into it. This could make heavy […]

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New paper: Time-resolved detection and mode-mismatch in linear optics quantum gates

Linear optics is a promising candidate for the implementation of quantum information processing protocols. In such systems single photons are employed to represent qubits. In practice, single photons produced from different sources will not be perfectly temporally and frequency matched. Therefore understanding the effects of temporal and frequency mismatch is important for characterising the dynamics […]

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Clean up – day 2

The clean up continues with ever increasing community spirit. Many thanks to the countless community groups who provided supplies including food, drinks, disinfectant, gloves and tools. A special thanks to the local Muslim community who provided 650 packaged hot meals for the volunteers and the many others who made sandwiches and BBQs. (Click to enlarge)

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Clean up – day 1

Today I spent all day helping out with the clean up in St. Lucia, the next suburb from where I live. I was shocked at the magnitude of the damage (see photos below). The place looks like an absolute war zone. At the same time I was very touched by the community response to the […]

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