Where does chaos come from?

I have a question, which may be a very simple to answer for people who actually studied physics. Unfortunately I didn’t so this question perplexes me. The question is “how does (classical) chaos come about given that everything has to be consistent with quantum mechanics?”. Chaos is when a very small difference in the initial […]

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A reverse progressive tax system?

Presently in Australia, like many other countries, we have a ‘progressive’ tax system, where higher earners pay higher marginal tax rates. This kind of system is almost universal, and has been adopted on the basis of ‘fairness’, i.e. the age old social-democrat/socialist ideology that people should “pay according to how much they can, and receive […]

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The High Tide

Here’s a great Ron Paul promo video that I stumbled across, called The High Tide. The video is made by a group of dedicated Ron Paul supporters and includes an original soundtrack and really well done 3D animation.

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Falwell & Robertson following 9/11

An extremely insightful video on the mindset of America’s religious right, taken in the days following the 9/11 attacks. For some reason I only discovered this video recently.

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Rohde’s budget reply

Australia’s newly elected Labor government recently announced its first budget since entering office. On the whole the budget had some merits – tax reductions and a strong surplus. However, the government unfortunately maintained the bloated social welfare system that grew under the Howard government. The opposition leader presented his budget reply speech, in which he […]

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Some interesting videos on McCain

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Middle class welfare

A nice little cartoon I found on the web

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That’s Dr. Rohde to you

Today I was awarded my PhD, after waiting only 10 months since submission. No more calling me Peter. No more calling me ‘hey you’. From now on it’s Dr. Rohde. People who previously referred to me as Sir Rohde may continue to do so and forget the Dr. bit.

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PageRank in academic publishing

The standard measure scientists use to judge the importance of scientific papers is a simple citation count. That is, how many other papers cite the paper in question? While this measure has its merits, it has one fundamental flaw – not all citations are equal. For example, if a paper I wrote receives a citation […]

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