Windows powered nukes

Via Bruce Schneier, the latest British warships are being run by Windows – that’s right, Windows, from Microsoft. You might think, “surely those boats are doomed to a watery grave when Windows can’t recognize the correct device driver for the emergency water pump and the crew are franticly running about trying the find the installation […]

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Impressions of Vista

After using Vista for a whole five days, the time has come for me to post my much anticipated review. I’ve divided the review into several subsections, which I hope logically breaks down the different aspects of the new OS from Microsoft. My setup I’m using a Dell Inspiron 9300 laptop with a 2GHz Pentium […]

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New tune – Little India

I’ve just uploaded the latest DJ Rohde tune, Little India, for you listening pleasure. This one is a remix of traditional Indian sitar and flute tunes and some Tibetan and Mongolian throat singing. You can download it here.

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Upgrading to Vista

I just upgraded to Windows Vista – the Home Premium version. I haven’t had enough time to develop a fair view of the new OS, but I’ll be writing a comprehensive account of my thoughts on Vista sometime soon. My early impressions are that, first, the interface is quite nice and a definite improvement, and, […]

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New quantum blog – Room 408

A new quantum blog, Room 408, from the boys at the University of Melbourne, has recently started. Their most recent post in particular is very humbling, and at the same time puts a hell of a lot of pressure on me to write more papers. Damn, I was hoping to relex this weekend.

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Not quite a quantum computer after all

Following on from my previous post on D-Wave’s “quantum computer”, it appears that the company is finally admitting that it isn’t really a quantum computer after all (read the article here). The current claim by CEO Herb Martin is the machine is not a true quantum computer and is instead a kind of special-purpose machine […]

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Mt. Fuji sunset

I very much would have liked to have climbed Mt. Fuji on my trip to Japan, but, alas, being winter this is out of the question. From Tokyo one can see snow gusts off the summit of Fuji, and when you can see snow gusts from over 100km away, you can be sure that’s one […]

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Thicker than a whale omelet

Here we have an example of the two things the Japanese are best at – science and cooking. Click for large image

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Only two days to go

It’s only two days until D-Wave Systems demonstrates their 16-bit ‘quantum computer’. This has stirred up quite a bit of talk recently. Although in all fairness I ought to give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until the demonstration before passing judgement, I’m not going to. In my mind, without knowing any technical […]

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Welcome to the concrete urban sprawl that is Tokyo. This is the view from my office at NII for the next week.

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