My Academic Lineage

From the Mathematics Genealogy Project: Peter Rohde (University of Queensland, 2008) was a student of Tim Ralph (Australian National University, 1996) who was a student of Craig Savage (University of Waikato) who was a student of Dan Walls (Harvard University, 1969) who was a student of Roy Glauber (Harvard University, 1949) who was a student […]

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Letter to the Foreign Minister and Shadow Foreign Minister

This letter was sent to the Australian Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, and Shadow Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, on behalf of myself and 19 Australian scientists. Dear Hon. Mr. Carr and Hon. Mrs. Bishop, Recently Omid Kokabee, an Iranian graduate student in physical optics, was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment in Iran for “communicating with a […]

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New paper: Increasing the dimensionality of quantum walks using multiple walkers

Download the full article here. We show that with the addition of multiple walkers, quantum walks on a line can be transformed into lattice graphs of higher dimension. Thus, multi-walker walks can simulate single-walker walks on higher dimensional graphs and vice versa. This exponential complexity opens up new applications for present-day quantum walk experiments. We […]

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New paper: Quantum walks with encrypted data

Download the full article here. In the setting of networked computation, data security can be a significant concern. Here we consider the problem of allowing a server to remotely manipulate client supplied data, in such a way that both the information obtained by the client about the server’s operation and the information obtained by the […]

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New paper: A 2D Quantum Walk Simulation of Two-Particle Dynamics

This paper was recently published in Science. Download the full article here. Multi-dimensional quantum walks can exhibit highly non-trivial topological structure, providing a powerful tool for simulating quantum information and transport systems. We present a flexible implementation of a 2D optical quantum walk on a lattice, demonstrating a scalable quantum walk on a non-trivial graph […]

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Is optical quantum computation easier than we thought?

In my most recent paper (read it here), Tim Ralph and I demonstrate that a single-purpose optical quantum computer might be constructed much more easily than previously thought. In fact, building such a quantum computer is within reach of present-day technology. The paper extends recent results by Scott Aaronson & Alex Arkhipov, where they showed […]

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Unions – Vandals & Extortionists

The recent debacle with Qantas has rekindled my thoughts about the union movement in general. I firmly believe that unions are, in general, a negative influence on our society and many of their activities amount to blackmail and economic vandalism. While there are some legitimate roles for unions, such as providing advice to members and […]

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Welcome to my new site

Welcome to my new homepage. Please update your bookmarks, blogrolls and links to this new address. The old site will no longer be maintained or updated.

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New paper: Optimising number resolving photo-detectors using classical post-processing

Many present day quantum optics experiments, particularly in optical quantum information processing, rely on number-resolving photo-detection as a basic building block. In this paper we demonstrate that a simple classical optimisation technique can sometimes be employed to post-process the detector signature and improve the confidence of the measurement outcome in the presence of photon-number errors […]

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New DJ Rohde mini-album

DJ Rohde is pleased to announce the release of his latest mini-album, Die for Belief. Listen to and download Die for Belief here on Jamendo.

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