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I’ve got wings

I can fly! I now have my beginners’ paragliding license, which means I can not only continue to harass people in the 2D plane below us, but I can now enter the third dimension and harass the skies. Pigeons beware!

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Off on holiday

That’s right, merely weeks before I intend to submit my PhD thesis, I’m heading off for a nice 10 day holiday. This could be construed in two distinct ways – either my PhD is going extremely well and I can afford to take 10 days off, or extremely badly and it makes no difference if […]

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Training has begun

I’ve begun my training for, hopefully, my next (i.e 2nd) marathon, either the Brisbane or Gold Coast Marathon, depending on time. Notice how this time around I’m actually training for the marathon – I’m trying to avoid a repeat of my last one, where I just rocked up, which left me with a very painful […]

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Mt. Fuji sunset

I very much would have liked to have climbed Mt. Fuji on my trip to Japan, but, alas, being winter this is out of the question. From Tokyo one can see snow gusts off the summit of Fuji, and when you can see snow gusts from over 100km away, you can be sure that’s one […]

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Thicker than a whale omelet

Here we have an example of the two things the Japanese are best at – science and cooking. Click for large image

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Movie: Mont Blanc Sunrise

After much delay, I’ve finally gotten around to finishing my short movie of the summit of Mont Blanc (4810m). See it here on YouTube.

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Back in town

Just arrived back in Brisbane. Haven’t slept for almost 2 days straight. It’s only 9am and I need to stay awake until this evening to avoid jetlag. I’m in no mental state to write anything more.

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An Alpine Diary

I’ve just spent the last few weeks mountaineering in Germany, Switzerland and France. This is a photo-diary of my trip. Alpspitze (2628m) Because my climbing partner, Wolfgang, couldn’t make it for a few days time, I initially spent a few days on my own in the German Alpine village of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Here I climbed the […]

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Off to the Alps

Now that I’ve satisfactorily humiliated myself with a job advert that has probably left the entire academic community questioning my sanity and believing that, in fact, I smoke banana peels for entertainment, I’m heading off to the Swiss Alps to relax for three weeks. By relax I mean attempt to climb as many 4000m peaks […]

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The Love is Back – Berlin Love Parade, 2006

Attended the Berlin Love Parade on Saturday. An estimated 1.2 million people, around 40 simultaneous DJ’s, streching all the way from the Brandenburg Gate to well past the Siegesaeule. Awesome.

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