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The Creation Museum

Here’s a slideshow of the recently opened Creation Museum in Cincinnati. Some of the texts from the signs are absolute classics. Take these for example: How did dinosaurs fit on Noah’s Ark? Most dinosaurs were reasonably small – the size of a sheep or pony, on average. Even large sauropods, as young adults, were not […]

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Don’t worry, be happy

According to this article, entitled “Sniffle-Busting Personalities: Positive mood guards against getting colds”, a test study indicated that people with positive moods are less likely to have colds than those with negative moods. Sounds plausible. Their explanation? Positive emotions stimulate symptom-fighting substances. Now call me a half-baked moron, but here’s a completely different interpretation for […]

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The 2006 IgNobel Prize

As most will already know, the 2006 Nobel Prizes for Physics, Medicine and Chemistry have been announced, with the remaining prizes for Economics, Literature and Peace to be announces soon. However, I’m not going to go into the details of boring, stereotyped scientific crap like that. Instead I’ll draw your attention to the fact that, […]

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Snorers’ spouses losing sleep

It gives me great pleasure to announce the latest entry in the dubious research category, this time from my very own University of Queensland. According to this article from the SMH, researchers have discovered that snorers’ spouses are losing sleep. That’s right, as counterintuitive and surprising as this may sound, these brilliant scientists have finally […]

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What’s your fantasy?

I just read this interesting article from the SMH, where they performed a survey of people’s sexual fantasies. Here are the results: What do women fantasise about? Firefighters – 47% Celebrities – 40% Threesomes – 31% Soldiers – 28% Businessmen – 27% Doctors – 26% Same sex relationships – 23.5% Footballers – 20% Politicians – […]

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New dubious research category

In light of my recent flurry of posts on dubious scientific research, I’m pleased to announce the addition of a new dubious research category. Stay tuned for more scientific hugwash.

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Older people have longer average life expectancy

Via Lubos Motl, I today came across another wonderful piece of recent scientific research. From the Harvard University Gazette, after a detailed statistical analysis the National Center for Heath Statistics has concluded the following, the older you are today, the greater the age you are likely to reach. The reason for this? Because they [older […]

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The Happy Planet Index

Major international news sources (Reuters, BBC, SMH) have been running numerous stories about recent ‘research’ quantifying how happy people are in different countries. The result is the so-called Happy Planet Index (HPI), a vast load of crap if ever I’ve seen one. The index is allegedly designed to quantify peoples’ quality of life in such […]

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My favourite Nature paper

Some of my colleagues at work today drew my attention to what is now my all-time favourite Nature paper (and yes, I mean that in the most cynical possible way). In the article “Athletics: Momentous sprint at the 2156 Olympics?” [Nature 431, 525 (2004)], the authors plot both male and female 100m Olympic sprint times […]

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