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My second attempt at stand-up comedy

Live at the Stazione Espesso Bar, Sydney.

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My first attempt at stand-up comedy

Live at the Stazione Espresso Bar, Sydney.

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I’ve known about Kickstarter for quite some time, but never really delved into it. Kickstarter is a ‘crowdfunding’ service, whereby people can contribute cash to upstart projects with a promise of some arbitrary form of reward if the project succeeds. In my mind, crowdfunding takes venture capital (VC) to the next level. VC is very […]

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Bugs fixed

Sorry for the problems with commenting and page navigation. The technical problems have been fixed and you are now free to comment again. Let me know if there are any further problems.

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Welcome to my new site

Welcome to my new homepage. Please update your bookmarks, blogrolls and links to this new address. The old site will no longer be maintained or updated.

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New DJ Rohde mini-album

DJ Rohde is pleased to announce the release of his latest mini-album, Die for Belief. Listen to and download Die for Belief here on Jamendo.

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Brisbane floods

Here are some photos taken from the end of my street in Brisbane. Luckily my apartment is elevated by a couple of metres from the water level so I was fine. But my heart goes out to all the people, including friends of mine, who had to evacuate and lose their houses. (Click to enlarge)

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What does an ant city look like?

This is wicked cool. I’d love to understand the dynamics of how ants communicate to build complex structures like this.

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Google Flu Trends

This is a fascinating demonstration of how search data can be taken advantage of to extract all sorts of information. Google Flu Trends uses search data to build up a picture of flu epidemics in the US. It makes me wonder what other sort of trends can be inferred from search data. Presumably lots of […]

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