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Start while you’re young

From the Sydney Morning Herald, apparently Britain’s largest retailer has been in a bit of trouble over a toy they have been selling online recently – the Peekaboo Pole Dancing Kit. According to the article the product was advertised with “Unleash the sex kitten inside … simply extend the Peekaboo pole inside the tube, slip […]

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A tribute to Steve Irwin

I’ve just finished my mountaineering holiday in the Alps. But, before I talk about that, there is something much more important, and tragic, that needs to be discussed. To my horror, I discovered that, upon checking my e-mail in Chamonix, Steve Irwin, the greatest Australian who ever lived, is dead. If it weren’t for the […]

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Holographic storage in 2006?

For many years now there has been speculation about the possibility of holographic computer storage, which would potentially offer storage capacities incredible by today’s standards. Now it seems that finally such storage might be just around the corner. According to The Register, Maxell, using technologies from InPhase Technologies, is planning on making a holographic storage […]

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The Nobel and the Ig Nobel

Last week at our weekly Physics Colloquium seminar here at the University of Queensland, we were fortunate enough to have a presentation by the winner of this year’s Ig Nobel Prize in Physics, our very own Prof. John Mainstone. For those not familiar with the Ig Nobel prize, as you might have guessed it is […]

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Rohde Blog hits the press!

Following a telephone interview with independent Canadian journalist David Stonehouse, the Rohde Blog today made the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in an article entitled “Spy versus Spy”.

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Archaeology with Google Maps

It was recently reported that someone inadvertently discovered the remains of an ancient Roman villa using satellite imagery from Google Maps. The image which led to the finding is located here. The discoloured oval shape is very clearly visible. It doesn’t look much like a villa to me, and frankly I can’t see for the […]

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New Orleans by satellite

Google Maps has just updated their satellite imagery of New Orleans to include pre- and post-Hurricane Katrina images. While, like everyone else, I have seen countless images of the devastation in the news, and read about how many people have been affected, I hadn’t really comprehended the magnitude of the devastation until I saw these […]

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