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ARC Future Fellowship

I’m pleased and honoured to announce that I have just been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship to conduct a 4 year project into quantum networking and encrypted quantum computation. I will be based at the University of Technology Sydney, where I have received tenure as a Senior Lecturer. Ad astra.

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New paper: Linear optical quantum metrology with single photons

Full text available here. Quantum number-path entanglement is a resource for super-sensitive quantum metrology and in particular provides for sub-shotnoise or even Heisenberg-limited sensitivity. However, such number-path entanglement has thought to have been resource intensive to create in the first place — typically requiring either very strong nonlinearities, or nondeterministic preparation schemes with feed-forward, which […]

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Introduction to Mathematica

An elementary introduction to Mathematica, aimed at complete beginners, including: algebraic manipulation, solving equations, complex numbers, linear algebra, functions, plotting, derivatives, integrals, solving differential equations, flow control, interactive graphics, and much more. All you need is Mathematica to try this out for yourself. I give several simple projects, including implementing a classical random walk, and […]

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Dominic Berry on Schrödinger’s Computer

This is an introductory video on quantum computing by my friend and colleague, Dominic Berry from Macquarie University.

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New paper: Sampling arbitrary photon-added or photon-subtracted squeezed states is in the same complexity class as boson sampling

Download full article here. Boson sampling is a simple model for non-universal linear optics quantum computing using far fewer physical resources than universal schemes. An input state comprising vacuum and single photon states is fed through a Haar-random linear optics network and sampled at the output using coincidence photodetection. This problem is strongly believed to […]

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New book chapter: An introduction to boson-sampling

Read the full article here. Boson-sampling is a simplified model for quantum computing that may hold the key to implementing the first ever post-classical quantum computer. Boson-sampling is a non-universal quantum computer that is significantly more straightforward to build than any universal quantum computer proposed so far. We begin this chapter by motivating boson-sampling and […]

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Call for papers: The Theory of Quantum Simulation, Quantum Dynamics, and Quantum Walks

I’m pleased to announce the call-for-papers for an upcoming Special Issue of Advances in Mathematical Physics, “The Theory of Quantum Simulation, Quantum Dynamics, and Quantum Walks”, for which I am the lead editor. Find out more here.

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New paper: Scalable boson-sampling with time-bin encoding using a loop-based architecture

Full text here. We present an architecture for arbitrarily scalable boson-sampling using two nested fiber loops. The architecture has fixed experimental complexity, irrespective of the size of the desired interferometer, whose scale is limited only by fiber and switch loss rates. The architecture employs time-bin encoding, whereby the incident photons form a pulse train, which […]

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