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On the ABC

Here’s what I think about the ABC issue. From an economic perspective, yes cutting funding would save money from the budget and reduce government debt. And going a step further, it’s almost certainly true that the ABC would be more efficiently run were it privatised outright and be more competitive. So I don’t argue with […]

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Video blog: The liberal who didn’t vote Liberal

My thoughts on the recent Australian federal election, and my reasons for not voting Liberal.

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The National Broadband Network – Government vs. Coalition

Some time ago I blogged about the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN), the centrepiece infrastructure policy of the current Labor government. I’d like to follow up on this issue from a different perspective. In the meantime, both the government and opposition have dedicated themselves to a national broadband policy. So I’d like to analyse the […]

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I’ve always been bemused that GDP growth is the standard metric for economic strength and standard of living. I think GDP growth is a very weak metric. My reasoning is that GDP measures the strength of the economy in dollar value. What GDP ignores is that, as a result of momentous technological progress, what we […]

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The case against stimulus

Following the global financial crisis (GFC) governments all around the world, including Australia’s, engaged in knee-jerk stimulus spending, aimed at ‘kick starting’ the economy. Advocates argue that such spending stimulates demand, which subsequently triggers increased circulation of money and credit. I’d like to dispel some misconceptions about such policy. The entire stimulus argument is based […]

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On the labour market

This is the speech I gave recently to the Liberal National State Council on the labour market. – Ladies & Gentlemen, The labour market is a particularly important issue facing our society at the present time. It affects many different areas of our society, including the unemployment rate, workplace conditions, people’s income and job satisfaction. […]

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100 Megabits

One of Kevin Rudd’s main goals is to implement a blazingly fast nation-wide 100Mb/s national broadband network, at a cost of around $43b. This would place Australia at the pinnacle of world broadband networks. Frankly, I can’t think of a single bigger waste of tax-payer’s money than this (especially when we are due to run […]

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