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ARC Future Fellowship

I’m pleased and honoured to announce that I have just been awarded a prestigious ARC Future Fellowship to conduct a 4 year project into quantum networking and encrypted quantum computation. I will be based at the University of Technology Sydney, where I have received tenure as a Senior Lecturer. Ad astra.

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Fighting speeding using positive feedback

Most countries use negative feedback to discourage speeding. Here’s an interesting alternative based on using positive feedback to encourage slower driving. Apparently it’s been highly effective. I wonder whether such a model could be used in other areas to encourage social responsibility.

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The future of DNA sequencing

DNA sequencing is a field in molecular biology with uses ranging from understanding the genetic basis for cancer, to diagnosing genetic predispositions, to understanding the basic way in which cells function at the molecular level. I recently joined the International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC), where we aim to catalogue the genetic makeup of as many […]

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