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Clean up – day 2

The clean up continues with ever increasing community spirit. Many thanks to the countless community groups who provided supplies including food, drinks, disinfectant, gloves and tools. A special thanks to the local Muslim community who provided 650 packaged hot meals for the volunteers and the many others who made sandwiches and BBQs. (Click to enlarge)

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Clean up – day 1

Today I spent all day helping out with the clean up in St. Lucia, the next suburb from where I live. I was shocked at the magnitude of the damage (see photos below). The place looks like an absolute war zone. At the same time I was very touched by the community response to the […]

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Brisbane floods 2

Here’s what St. Lucia looks like, the suburb in Brisbane where the University of Queensland is located.

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What will happen with the Euro?

This article is loosely inspired by this article from STRATFOR Intelligence, which provides a comprehensive analysis of this topic. The Greek bailout, largely owing to German intervention, raises some serious questions about the overall viability of the Euro as a currency. The Euro is unlike any other major currency such as the US dollar, the […]

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Australian internet censorship

One of the main communications policies being advocated by the Australian government at the moment is the introduction of nationwide internet filtering to block illegal and ‘inappropriate’ material and to ‘protect children’. The government proposes doing this using a blacklist of sites which internet service providers (ISPs) will be legally obliged to block. While protecting […]

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That’s Dr. Rohde to you

Today I was awarded my PhD, after waiting only 10 months since submission. No more calling me Peter. No more calling me ‘hey you’. From now on it’s Dr. Rohde. People who previously referred to me as Sir Rohde may continue to do so and forget the Dr. bit.

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